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100 years. It’s a long time for any company to be at the forefront of an industry. And you’d think that

a company that’s been able to lead for that long must have a finely honed craft — a premier product.

Well, you’d be right. For more than a century, Speed Queen has built a legacy on providing equipment

that stands up to any commercial laundry challenge. We make no compromises in performance. We

refuse to be outdone in reliability and efficiency. Our commitment to quality is only matched by our

commitment to your success. The result? The most profitable machines in the industry — bar none.

Some of our competitors may think that a residential machine wrapped in a rugged exterior passes

for commercial grade. We believe that strength comes from within. Speed Queen machines are built

specifically for the commercial environment. We use metal where others use plastic. Our worldclass Test Lab rigorously pushes our products far beyond the conditions they’ll face in the field. We

believe in being there when our customers need us most. And we go the extra mile at every point of

our manufacturing process to ensure that our machines reflect that belief.

For commercial laundry equipment designed for use in fire departments, health care facilities, hotels,

correctional facilities, spas, salons, athletic organizations or other industry applications, you can rely

on the proven performance of Speed Queen to make your life simpler and more productive.



Up to 400 G-Force greatly

reduces drying time and

increases throughput.



Handles a wide variety of

fabric types, while ensuring

superior linen care.



Front, top and reinforced

side panels, and inner drum

and tub.



For ease of access and use.



For easy loading

and unloading.



Freestanding designs

install quickly with same day




QED Select control comes with 99 preset programs and multi-language capability.

Versatile and easy to use, the customizable wash programs help managers tailor their

wash process for specific loads and linen types. User can easily follow the status of

every phase of the wash cycle and modify data and parameters at any time to monitor

for maximum efficiency. The result? Your laundry receives the best possible care

because operators have the utmost cycle control.



Model:  SY70

Control: QED Select

Capacity - lb (kg):  70 (31)

Width - in (mm):  38 3/16" (970)

Depth - in (mm):  46 5/8" (1185)

Height - in (mm):  55 1/2" (1410)

Cylinder Diameter - in (mm):  29 1/2” (750)

Cylinder Volume - cu. ft. (liters):  9.9 (280)

Door Opening Size - in (mm):  18 1/8” (460) 2

Door Bottom to Floor - in (mm):  18 3/4” (477)

Wash Speed – RPM:  42

Extract Speed – RPM:  915

Extract G-Force:  350

Water Inlet Connection - in (mm):  2 x 3/4" (19)

Steam Inlet Connection - in (mm):  1/2” (13)

Drain Diameter - in (mm):  3” (76)

Motor Size - hp (kw):  4.02 (3.00)


Phase Circuit

200-240V 50/60Hz 1ph:  √

200-240V 50/60 Hz 3ph: √

220-240V 50/60Hz 3ph:  N/A

440-480V 50/60Hz 3ph:  √

Shipping Dimensions

Approx. - in (mm)

Width:  40 3/8” (1025)

Depth:  48 1/4" (1225)

Height: 61” (1550)

Net Weight - lb (kg):  1092 (495)

Shipping Weight - lb (kg):  1135 (515)

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